About the company


AICE Hydro is a company working with development of efficient and environmentally friendly small scale hydro plants (SSHP) in Ukraine, combining Norwegian and Ukrainian competence within hydro energy. 

AICE Hydro has a focus on the western regions, however the company is involved in SSHP within other parts of Ukraine as well. The company’s target is to have production from 3-5 SSHP within the end of 2018 latest. The developments will include the use of Nordic/European and Ukranian suppliers and financing sources.

A central and important feature will be a maximizing of the use of local resources in Ukraine given requirements to competence and quality. Hence the company will actively pursue a local competence building and value creation within the regions selected for our developments.


The team

Arne Jakobsen. Founder, Partner and acting Chairman of the board.
Arne has a long background from working with energy, spanning from huge oil and gas projects in the North Sea to small scale hydro development in Norway over the last 10 years as Founder and CEO of one of Norway’s major small scale hydro development companies, Blåfall.

Serhiy Porovskyy. Partner - finance authority.
Serhiy has an excellent over 10yr experience and successful track record of project development and international financing in the areas of renewables, energy efficiency, and CO2 reduction. He managed investment projects in Ukraine for London-based company Carbon Capital Markets Ltd. and Carbon Assets Fund. Serhiy has a robust reputation as a financial expert and advisor to IFIs and UN agencies on financial mechanisms, management and control.

Alina Sviderska. Partner - Legal/regulatory.
Alina is a Ukrainian lawyer who worked for Clifford Chance and advised major oil and gas company on variety of corporate and commercial matters, including negotiation of a production sharing agreement with the state and general regulatory advise (environment, labor safety, technical regulations). During recent years Alina joined various reforms projects in energy sphere (oil and gas, green energy) while advising Ukrainian government and business. Alina holds LL.M. Degree from the University of Cambridge and currently is the President of the Cambridge Society of Ukraine.

Oleksiy Kakayev. Director of Hydro Engineering Development, Ukraine.
Oleksiy a degree in hydro engineering and a robust 15 years of experience in the field. He has experience of project work in the leading hydro engineering design company - Ukraine Ukrhydroproekt Ltd. He took part in the design of of hydropower plants and pumped storage, both in Ukraine and abroad. IN position as chief engineer, Oleksiy completed 4 projects on automation of KIA (in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russia). He also took part in the design and construction of hydropower station Sendje (river Wele, the Republic of Equatorial Guinea)